Transparent Copper – Medium

Transparent Copper – Medium

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Candle lantern Copper by MiLLE W NORDISK DESIGN is part of an elegant series of hand-blown and hand-painted vases/candles. They are made from recycled glass mixed with sand, soda and limestone, which are the three main ingredients of natural glass. The surface is slightly transparent to reproduce the beautifully sparkling reflections of the glow from the candle or when the sun's rays pass through the flower stems in the vase. Through careful craftsmanship, each vase/candle becomes unique and receives the highest quality. The color and thickness of the glass may vary slightly as they are handmade and partly consist of recycled glass. They are available in two different colors and three different sizes that can be advantageously combined together. Suitable indoors as well as outdoors.

Color: Transparent Copper

Dimension: Height 25cm, Diameter 13cm

Material: Mouth-blown glass

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