Towel 50x70cm

Towel 50x70cm

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MiLLE W NORDISK DESIGN has designed a beautiful series of towels of the highest quality made in OEKO-TEX Certified carded cotton with recycled leather hangers.
The towels have a unique design that makes them a beautiful decoration detail in the bathroom. Carded cotton gives the luxurious feeling of a truly exclusive terry towel. A detail that gives the towels additional uniqueness is the leather hanger with the MiLLE W NORDISK DESIGN logo pearl. Choose between Gold, Silver or Black pearl.

Information: Before using the terry cloth, we recommend putting it in cold water for an hour and then washing it at 60 degrees. This reduces the risk of the towels getting loose threads, while at the same time giving the terry towel an optimal drying ability immediately.

Weight: 600g/m2

Dimension: 70cm x 50cm

Material: 100% Carded Cotto

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